A downloadable game for Windows

Back in the day things were simple. Friendly yolkels balanced eggs on spoons and walked through meadows at their picnic parties. Not any more. In EggWalk let's embrace the chaos of modern life. The spoon is kaput, the egg has grown, and you are swerving through traffic—delivering eggs 'til one shatters or tumbles to the ground. That's it in an eggshell.

Levels — Master each level to unlock the next

Egg Skins — Find your favorite egg and try to keep it safe

Egg Garden — Keep a collection of all the eggs you've saved

High Scores — Store the scores from your best runs

And Egg Puns — An eggregious amount!


We're also on the internet. On Facebook. On Twitter. On Tumblr. And at our EggWalk Studios Home Page. Please visit us! We love humans almost as much as we love our eggs.

Thank you for checking out our game and reading all of this! We really do appreciate your support!

Warm reggards,

Your team at EggWalk Studios.


EggWalk 120 MB